R.E.S.T. Abruzzo Special Project – CLOSED


The training course is dedicated to high-level gastronomy experts in connection with the regional territory and its products, knowledge of primary products, food preparation, processing and cooking in catering premises at all levels, all aspects of kitchen management.

Our experts will be able to create complex dishes, according to the restaurant’s requests, assessing flavor matching and enhancing the main ingredients of the various preparations. Acquired skills will be those of an executive cook or head of a brigade.


15 students.
Students will be selected among adults residents of the Abruzzo region, holders of a High School Diploma and/or holders of specialization certificates recognized by Regione Abruzzo, University Degree holders, unemployed and momentarily unemployed persons.

Study Plan

  • In the classroom: 400 hours, including 192 laboratory hours
    Attendance benefits: € 2.50 per attended hour
  • School and career guidance: 60 hours
    Attendance benefits: € 2.50 per attended hour
  • On-the job-training: 6 months at prestigious restaurants
    Monthly salary: € 600.


Certificate of attendance and HACCP certification.

Registration- Closed

Hard copy of the registration applications must be mailed by 01 October 2013 by registered mail.
In case applications exceed the number of available positions, applicants must pass a selection test based on assessment of education requirements and individual oral tests.