Scientific Committee

Niko Romito

Accademia Niko Romito is the culinary school for aspiring catering professionals.

I have opened a school because I’m convinced that, in particular in the catering sector, an integrated, complete training is required to teach aspiring cooks not only to cook a dish, but also to understand what they’re doing: knowing where the basic ingredients come from, their chemical composition, how important it is to use quality ingredients, how you perceive food taste.

I teach my students to be creative while respecting the essence of food, life in the kitchen and as part of a brigade, hard team work: this is what being a chef means to me.

My school is made up of a good amount of technical skills, but it also provides theory and culture.
The study plan provides for senses’ education, botany, cuisine and gastronomy history, food law, esthetics, sommellerie, catering management, haute cuisine and patisserie.
The teaching staff is made up of professors from the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo and L’Aquila University, experts from the Slow Food Association and internationally renowned cooks and pastry chefs.
Classes have a limited number of students to guarantee that they have a direct and continued dialogue with their teachers. Three laboratories and a classroom are available to share, compare and measure up opinions and skills to grow up all together.

My school is there to enhance Italian food, regional traditions and gastronomic products.
Students share the opportunity to meet food and wine producers, visit their premises and be introduced to major food markets.
To make our offer more alluring, students cooperate steadily with the staff and chefs of the Reale Restaurant.
This educational plan allows students to learn and acquire all necessary tools to understand the importance of basic ingredients.
The culinary art we teach is made up of research and substance combined with innovation. It is the result of knowledge, thought and respect for food.

A school for boys and girls who crave to learn, to put themselves to the test, to start a new adventure.
That’s why Accademia Niko Romito is open to holders high school diplomas, regardless of the school they have attended. What I’m interested in is your personal motivation rather than manual skills, that you can learn during the course.

Study, research, passion: this is Accademia Niko Romito.

Niko Romito